Video from tiktok 2020 with a man on a skateboard, skating to the song «dreams» by fleet food mac, went viral in 1 month

‘Helps’ mental health

As TikTok is designed to do, the video has sparked countless recreations. Even Mick Fleetwood himself joined the trend, crediting Apodaca’s video for attracting him to join the platform.

«TikTok in itself is so popular because it’s based on that idea of seeing something extraordinary and then challenging yourself to do the same thing,» Dr Barnes said.

«Particularly in 2020, where we are socially isolating, that digital connection and feeling connected to something bigger and broader — and a broader group — is really helpful for mental health.»

Within days of the video going viral, Apodaca had a manager, was fielding international interviews, and looking to buy a home with the more than $US15,000 in donations he received from fans.

His daughter shouted to Mick Fleetwood over the BBC interview that her favourite Fleetwood Mac song was Landslide. Mick Fleetwood personally thanked Apodaca in the interview.

«We owe you,» Fleetwood said.

«It’s such a great story and so needed in days that are really challenging.

«Congratulations on a wild, wild skateboard journey that has led to us talking today.»

A man with Dreams

Pop culture commentator and NME columnist Osman Faruqi told the ABC that when he first saw the video he did not understand the hype.

«But when his mouth opens and there’s pure joy radiating from him, what it represented to me was a man in the outdoors enjoying himself in a way that is so simple but so relatable,» Faruqi said.

«Enjoying freedom is something that’s so hard for people right now. And even if you’re not in lockdown in the strictest sense, we don’t have the same luxuries that we had a year ago.»

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Senior Lecturer in Journalism at the University of the Sunshine Coast Dr Renee Barnes says things go viral because they tap straight into the zeitgeist, and into a mood and feeling of the moment.

«There’s a kind of carefree element to it, I think, which everyone is searching for a little bit with everything else around us … that idea of the invisible enemy feels so heavy,» she said.

«Then there’s also that idea that it’s … someone ordinary who is doing something extraordinary.»

Faruqi notes that in America, where the video was filmed, the divisive election campaign is ramping up.

«Whatever side you’re on, there’s just so much stress and anxiety about the future,» he said.

«And most of the videos and memes that have been floating around — even on TikTok and Instagram which traditionally aren’t super political, and are just for funny videos and music — have become more politicised and more stressful recently.

«And so this just comes in, cuts through all of that, and is really hard to get mad at it.»

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At a time when opinions are clashing on high-stakes issues such as lockdowns, there is nothing to fight about in a soothing video featuring a bottle of cranberry juice being consumed at dusk.

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